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Tudor Style

Spanish fashion and Tudor-Style of 1550 to 1600


This fashion epoch especially known for the geometrical lines, natural body contours were hidden completely. In particular, the Spanish fashion is the highlight of tailoring.


Anne Boleyn & Henry VIII.

Drawn by Elke Köcher.


Geometric lines hid the body shape. Precious objects of the „new world“ (India and America were meant) were shown on the clothes. Everybody carried his jewels and his gold with himself on the clothes, because there were no safes.


Tudorkleid Detail


Tudor ich lachend klein.jpg


Tudor hoop skirt
The hoop skirt is held by a drawstring and tied on the left. In addition, you wore a padded roll around the hips, the "Bum Roll". This Bum Roll was during the Renaissance in fashion everywhere.


Tudorreifrock  Tudorreifrock seitlich



Tudor's gown

I have copied my dress to the English Tudor style at the time of Anna Boleyn. It incorporates a petticoat and corsage with big sleeves. Typical is the conical skirt and the level held corsage. Curvatures should so be hidden.

The Tudor dress can be worn with or without a skirt over.

Unterkleid braun Tudorkleid1


Dress with petticoat and bodice



Tudorkleid vollständig  Tudorkleid Rückseite


Dress with overskirt and back view. In the gallery you see pictures where I'm wearing the dress.



The skirt of the Tudor dress adorned a hanging chain around the waist line with the attached Pomander, a round little spice box, also called a spice can. In it were aromatic spices whose smell would protect of illness.
Here is instead of the Pomander a crown on a hanging chain, because spice boxes or spice cans are hard to be found today and are also very expensive.

Tudorkleid Krone



French Hood
The french Hood was made by me according to the original English model. At that time the French Hood was fastened to the plaits. For my copy I used a hair ring with prongs, so that the bonnet firmly sits on the head. It is important that the French Hood is placed at the highest apex of the head.


French Hood  French Hood Detail


Conversion is possible
The corsage is interchangeable against a Middle Age upper top. The hoop skirt is left out. This one can dress, according to mood as an Anna Boleyn or as a noble lady of the Middle Ages.


Mittelalterkleid braun